100_0853trip goals:
see an elvis impersentor
see someone famous
see a wedding at a wedding chapel

1.     took 15 minutes to pack the car because we had too much luggage, 
2.     broke a sweat at 8a.m. because of dumb humidity in alabama, check.
3.     parked as far away as possible from our terminal at the airport, check.
4.     sat in front of really loud talkers on a plane for 4 hours, check.
5.    changed the ring on my phone to what sounds like slot machines, check.
6.    missed several phone calls at the las vegas airport thinking it was real 
        slot machines, check.
7.    went to lunch at surf city bar and grill where allie works and met some of
         her regular customers, check.
8.     bought some brazil impanema coffee beans and a las vegas coffee mug at
         starbucks, check.
9.     ate new york style italian at new york, new york, check.
10.   walked down the strip to see the water light show at the bellagio, check.
11.    got bombarded by people passing out invitations to strip clubs with
          naked women on them, check.
12.   got so grossed out by the sketchiness on the strip i felt like vomitting,
13.   slept late, check.
14.   lunch at lake las vegas, check. 
15.   drove to the hoover dam, check.
16.   was in nevada, crossed into arizona, then back to nevada, check.
17.   went grocery shopping, check.
18.   decided i didn’t like the las vegas mug i bought so i bought another one, 
19.   double double animal style at in n’ out burger, check.
20.  oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and dan in real life, check.
21.   massages at the spa at lakeside, check.
22.   lunch on the patio at a french bistro, check.
23.   starbucks run for 2 iced venti sweetened passion teas and 1 iced venti
          soy latte, check.
24.   drove through red rock canyon, check.
25.   almost peed my pants on the way home thanks to #23, check.
26.   nap time, check.
27.  dinner in downtown old las vegas, check.
28.  walked down freemont street and saw lots of crazy looking people,
29.  saw people dancing to the psychedelic light show that included music
         from queen and the beatles, check. 
30.  bought cheesy souveniours, check. 
31.   slept super late, check.
32.  read “the friday night knitting club” and drank 3 cups of brazil 
         impanema, check.
33.  declared brazil impanema as the best coffee in the world, check. 
34.  saw my first wedding chapel, check.
35.  took pictures in front of the “welcome to fabulous las vegas” sign, check.
36.   went to dinner at the venetian hotel, check.
37.  walked around and saw gondala rides inside the venetian hotel, check.
38.  went to serendipity 3 outside caears’s palace and had a peanut butter
         frozen hot chocolate, check.
39.  walked through caesar’s palace and got my picture taken with caesar, 
40.  laughed about one of my favorite friends’ episodes that takes place at
        casesar’s palace, check.   
41.  while waiting for our car from the valet saw 2 girls hanging out of the
        sunroof , yelling and dancing with each other, while some schmuck 
        drove them around in circles in front of caesar’s palace, check.
42.  named those people the most ignorant people of the trip so far, check.
43.  thought about hanging out allie’s sunroof and giving the people a good
         laugh by making fun of those girls, check. 
44.  got on the 15 headed back to allie’s and saw the ignorant people on the
         freeway still hanging out the sunroof and tried to take a picture, check.
45.  slept late again, check.
46.  went shopping and got some essentials and non-essentials, check.
47.  bought allie some birthday gifts, check.
48.  planned a small suprise party for allie’s birthday, check.
49.  went to dinner at a fancy schmancy restaraunt with mom, allie, her best
         friend ashley and her precious 15 month old daughter cady, check.
50.  good time had by all, check.
51.  talked a little, cried a little, slept a little, check.
52.  caught an early flight back to birmingham, check.
53.  miss allie, don’t miss vegas so much, check. check. 

trip goals accomplised: